Laurentian realestate market update

For the first time over the last 12 months (End of July). Mont-Tremblant Real Estate is the #1 agency in the Laurentides which is the greater Mont-Tremblant area: (Amherst+Arundel+Barkmere+Brebeuf+Huberdeau+Ivry-sur-le-lac+La Conception+La Minerve+Labelle+Lac-superieur+Lac-tremblant-nord+Lantier+Mont-tremblant+Montcalm+Saint-faustin/lac-carre+Sainte-lucie-des-laurentides+Val-des-lacs). For the first time you’ve passed E&V both in # of transactions and in Volume of sales. It is a tremendous accomplishment. Here is the breakdown:

Firm Units List Buy Volume MShare# Av.Sale
Les Immeubles Mont-Tremblant 400 205 195 171,565,137 18,957% 428,913
Engel & Volkers Tremblant 351 179 172 170,885,577 16.635% 486,853
Royal Lepage Humania 307 152 155 71,184,154 14,550% 231,870
Re/max Bonjour 216 125 91 50,720,350 10.237% 234,816
Proprio Direct 135 75 60 24,721,000 6.398% 183,119
Les Versants Mont-Tremblant 125 67 58 55,090,576 5.924% 440,725

News from Pierre et Cynthia / April 2020

Royal LePage COVID-19 Readiness (QC)

Important Notice: The Coronavirus and Business Continuity

Dear Colleagues,

First of all, let me acknowledge that this is an unsettling time for us all. If you are like me and have elderly parents, you are frightened for them. We have a child attending university in Ireland who, at this stage, refuses to abandon her term and come home. And there is my next-door neighbour; eighty-five and fiercely independent; I worry about his daily trips to the market (and the fact that he's driving there, but that's another story).

Canada has real-world experience with managing public health through a pandemic. In relative terms, we were 'the Italy' of the 2003 SARS epidemic; the western world's epicenter of that disease's impact. Foreign nations including the U.S. advised against travel to our country. We managed our way through that crisis, and we will do the same with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

I write to assure you that Royal LePage has detailed business continuity and resilience plans in place to weather this storm. Canada's most visited real estate company website,, will continue to serve communities from coast to coast. The systems that our Realtors, administrators and management rely on will continue to operate. Our people have experience and the necessary tools to work remotely, if a situation arises where we have to close or reduce staffing in our headquarters locations in Toronto and Montreal.

Much is being discovered about the coronavirus every day. It is quite clear that more Canadians will become sick in the days ahead. Royal LePage operates in every nook and cranny of our vast country. With over twenty-thousand people, we have to expect that some in our Royal LePage family will become infected with COVID-19. We must be there to support them. If you have a colleague who becomes ill or who must self-quarantine as a precaution, now is the time to step up and selflessly help manage their practice while they recover.

Here and in the days ahead, we will share ideas and best practises that should allow you to continue to serve your clients. Above all else, Royal LePage professionals must make decisions that put community safety first.

While COVID-19 is a global phenomenon, the disease is impacting every city and town in the country differently. It is important that our Royal LePage offices tailor their precautions and actions to the local situation and recommendations of regional public health officials. 

Think carefully about how to reduce the risk of infection in your workplace. For example, don't assume your home-sellers will want you to offer your standard open-house service. They may be more comfortable with scheduled appointments. If you do host an open-house, the property must be spotless, the number of visitors at any one time managed, and adequate hand cleansing available. 

Use similar common-sense approaches to every aspect of your daily working life. Social distancing is a coronavirus-era term you will hear often in the days ahead. Simply put, avoid situations where numerous people are in close-contact. If you are showing properties, set an example for your clients when you arrive at a home crowded with people, saying, 'let's reschedule this visit.' Avoid unnecessary contact with the home's surfaces. Bow and smile when you meet instead of the customary handshake.

Please read the attached to understand the steps that we are taking at our national headquarters locations: Policies and Measures for COVID-19.

As well, I believe you will find these resources to be very helpful.

No one can predict what's next in dealing with the coronavius outbreak. I do know that there is nowhere in the world I would rather be to face the challenges ahead than in Canada. Be safe.




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Pierre & Cynthia
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